I don't wanna go

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Fuck it! I don't want to go. It's not like I was getting married...it's worse! I'm getting a job!

Well, I might, if I make it to the interview.

Fuck. I don't want it.

A job? What the hell? And meeting the same odd people everyday? People that AREN'T like me. Come on, I did them all (the companies): people aren't like me.

They are, or I am...different. There's nothing that matches.

They are sheeps . I am fucking totally free (and poor).

They have got kids to feed. I only got myself....and my freedom.

They don't know there is a somewhere else, a something else, and I'm dying here.

Working for a company? OH my god.... I can't do it. Money for the system? No thanks. I might sound terribly immature, but in fact, I am terribly idealistic.

I can't do it. It's rotted deep down in me.I am called to something else.

I hate being exploited. All my knowledge just for that? For like the minimum legal salary? Fuck it.

And then what? Getting exhausted in public transport (and frozen), sitting all bloody day long in front of a computer, SERVING a business? Where is love in business? uhm?

I don't mind translating. I like it. But who am I serving?

OH OH OH OH OH, I can't do it. (I'm singing now. It feels good, I guess it helps sorting out things).

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